YoYoExpert Suicide Contest Round 1 yoyoman vs Samad.

We have started! 

YoYoMan has got his suicide video too me.
Here it is.

Samad I still need yours.  if you could get it too me soon that would be great.


Okay, I’ll go film right now :smiley:

wait steven can i join the contest right now


NOTE: I’m gong to Florida tomarow - all compititions we be held when i get back!


If we don’t vote for the mod do we get banned?


He’s not a mod… yet

The only moderator is Andre. Well hes an Admin also.


will a poll be made after Samad gets his video in?

Yea, I would assume so- Samads lazy- I think if it’s not in by monday YYM wins!

It is only a matter of time…

true, but it amy take a while for Samad to be a moderator.

It’s if you get are a eXpert twice or get nominated or whatever twoce you become a Forum Moderater for a section of your choise.

Who says Im gonna be a moderator? Who says I will even be nominated again?

Its all up to André…and I am desperately hoping one specific person gets this honor instead of me…

So, when’s your video going to get here?

that is something I would like to know also Samad.
To see how good you are, you will probaly beat me.