YoYoExpert Rumor and Truth

So we are not sure where this all started but someone made a completely false rumor that YoYoExpert.com was shutting down.  Please completely disregard this - it could not be further from the truth.  Our business is doing excellent, we are working with new manufacturers, and offering a wider selection then ever before.  It should be clear enough from these things that we are still moving in a very positive direction.  We are actually looking at larger office space to accommodate our growth!

We are forever grateful to our amazing customer base for all of your support.  There are a lot of exciting things still to come this year!


Make the Simple Amazing



Only old Ladies spread rumors, and usually it is over tea and crumpets…

Ask yourself, are you an old lady?

Well Chris,
I do really like Tea, and scones do taste very well…(idk bout crumpets)
Would that make me an old lady?

Well, I am sporting a nice pair of saddlebags.


viva la yoyoexpert! :o

I hadn’t heard this rumor… Nun the less, I’m Extremely excited to hear that it isn’t true.

Had me worried for a bit

Wait, so YYE IS closing down?


I gotta tell everyone this now…

good.that worried me a ton

You looking for more employees, I am between jobs right now and am looking.

However… Rumors do help publicity :smiley:

i think it was supposed to be a money scam from someone…

I am thankful that YoYoExpert is not shutting down, thank you for letting us know.