YoYoExpert Presents: "Why We Throw"


Wanted to make sure I shared this here too!  Very proud of what we do.  :slight_smile:


As a native Californian, thank you for sponsoring of the 2014 California State Yo-Yo Contest.

You rock and that video rocks as well. Thanks for posting.

ginny - that’s why we throw…


Great video




Amazing video. Makes me want to go out to a contest even more!


That vid is nice. I wish I can make it… :frowning:


Very cool video, I actually wish it had more voice-overs of the players talking about “why they throw”. Just watching the tricks makes me depressed at my own skill level :wink:


Great stuff André!

Grateful for all that you do for the community!


Awesome video Andre. Thanks.

On a side note, does anyone know what yoyo Guy was using?


Really great video, I think it captures a lot of the passion.



Spyy Amplifier


That was a great video, very inspirational.


This video is awesome. I think the fact that it has 134 likes and no dislikes on youtube goes to show how great the yoyoing community is.


Very cool. Looks like you guys had a blast.


Great video =)



Thank you for all you do, Andre. Everyone here appreciates it. Heck, without you, I wouldn’t be typing this comment! :wink:

(Erik Kerber ) #17

Great video.

As said earlier though. It is kinda depressing relizing how bad at yoyoing I am compared to most of these people.

But still great vid. and it has inspired me to get better at yoyoing.


what everyone said


Everyone has been in the same boat as you :). Everyone was a beginner once.

I had to use this mindset, it is a hard one though: Just focus on relaxing and enjoying yoyo’ing. The skill will come with time. Do you know how many times it took me to hit Spirit Bomb the first time?

(Erik Kerber ) #20

Yea I know. I don’t feel like I’m a beginner (I’ve been throwing for 3 years) I just see how much I need to improve. :smiley: