YoyoExpert Paying for Web Ads now? Awesome!

I was browsing the weather channel website, looking at the glorious 8 inches of snow that Minnesota is getting in mid April. I found this, (Picture attached below). It made me pretty happy that Google’s algorithm is targeting me with yoyo ads. It was also super cool to see that yoyoexpert is promoting the yoyo love to random internet users.

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But the fact they are able to single you out for these ads is bothersome. Not saying it’s anything new or a surprise… :o


I have been seeing those ads at various sites for a while now. Some is going to be advertised from my profile so I am glad it is a site I am interested in.

yeah…I was thinking that too :o

The algorithms have decided your future

note to self… Send more yoyo ads to Minnetrista, MN for Erik Kerber. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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