Yoyoers in the East Bay, CA?

What the title says. I know at one time there was a club in Alameda that meet monthly, but I haven’t seen anything online to see if they’re still active. Games of Berkeley would have been my go to but they put their yoyo club on hiatus. There’s another one an educational store in San Ramon but only meets monthly while the same store in Roseville meets weekly. Was wondering if there’s anything around here. I actually don’t hear much about any of the yoyo activities around here, sadly…

I’m in San Francisco until the end of August and I’m looking for groups too. It’s a bummer that the Games of Berkeley thing is on hiatus because I was planning on going tomorrow. Good thing I saw your post.

I read that there is/was a kendama and yo-yo meetup on Tuesdays at San Franpsycho on Divisadero in SF. I don’t know if it still happens but I’m going to check it out this week. Not the East Bay, I know. But If it is still going and there are yo-yoers there, I’ll let you know.

Looking at the schedule of Games & Toys of Berkeley, it looks like they should have their club back in late August (when I’ll be gone on my trip to SoCal). Before they decided to go on hiatus, they did it every saturday mid afternoon which was a comfortable time for me, accessible via BART which is convenient.

I live in so-cal, I usually go to the Sunshine Kite Company on Saturdays. Pro yoyoer, Yoshi Mikamoto is there, pretty much every weekend. It’s fun to talk to pro :smiley:

Yea I won’t be anywhere near that area, but will be hitting up DownTown Disney on 8/22 (YYE Contest due date). I know there isn’t any real event or anything going on there but may hang around the Duncan cart for a bit and throw…and do some pin trading at the shop next door as I collect Disney pins.

Bumptastic post time.

First off I’m going to approach this carefully as I don’t want to cause anything with store references and such. But I found a meet in San Ramon, CA at a chain educational toy store. The group is small but growing. They’re also looking for yoyo players and were delighted to see me come for today’s meet. This yoyo club is hosted by the store itself. They meet twice a month on Saturdays from 5-7:30pm.