Yoyoeffect - YoYo Performance AUGUST 14TH

Come by and check out our performance !
This will be a 3-6 minute performance of some of our yoyo’ers. We might be handing our free stickers to anyone that wants any. Please stop by Glide that day to watch our performance. The performance will be a little after noon. What you get for coming to our performance is, a very good performance, possibly some FREE stickers, and possibly some FREE food so please stop by to check out our performance.

Nice idea! But it’s spelled performance not “preformance.”


You’re awesome! So what time does it start?

Thankyou. I didnt see that. haha.

Its combined with a YFE event, so im not sure. There will be several performances and im not sure when it will be our turn. If your going come there around noon.

It’s a fundraising event for the homeless. That’s Awesome! Way to use your skills for the greater good!

this is really nice what you are doing for the homeless i would go but im going to be at worlds.