any yo-yoers in L.A. who wants to come out and play at our festival?

Hey yall, I am organizing a School Spring Festival fundraiser. All of the artist, talents, dancers and bands have donated their time to come out and play. I was thinking today how COOL it would be to have some yo-yoers come out and demonstrate the art of yo-yoing. Would love to hear from anyone who lives in the L.A. area and wants to come out and play for the masses. its on April the 9th, sat from 10-4:30 3838 Eagle Rock Blvd L.A., ca 90065 I would love to have a few of u guys in the morning time slot of 10:45-11:30 and let u go at it. here is the website for you to check out for more info.
Please contact me with any questions thanks! Mary