Wanaa get something new on june 25th,i thought about the manatee but i think they will sell out,anything else till 100$? no horizon or shutter.

There’s still some Manatees left, I would recommend getting it. Or you could get a YYF Superstar, great bi-metal at a great price. Aluminium Dream is great too.

Well sience its my bday gift ,i have a kinda big budget ,so i wanna get-a sleipnir,a big dipper,a horizon and some 120$ max yoyo…so…i was wondering ,will the manateessell out in 8 days?yeah i could get a bimetal,how about the iyoyo steel,yyf nightmare and axis pulsefire?

Ahh! I think the Manatees will be sold out in 8 days. The Nightmare is great, I’m a fan of the Dream lineup, and it’s a beast. I haven’t tried the Pulsefire, but I’ve heard great stuff about it.

If they are bi-metals, then I say that you should get a Masamini, Weekend, or a Superstar with something else.

If it’s a birthday gift, maybe the Manatee can be bought now and given to you on YOUR Day! I picked one up and I really like the finish and shape. It’s pretty wide too. I hope you can find one.