So i just discovered this thing called “social media”, like twitter and instagram. Obviously, i tried to find some cool yoyo related posts, but instead, instagram tends to come up with something like this. After looking up “yoyo” on urbandictionary(see 5th meaning), i discovered the meaning of this acronym.

opinions/suggestions? Maybe we all should officially call them return-tops? I mean, this kind of people shouldn’t be clever enough to come up with an acronym for that, right?

I like how people reduce the quality of their photos to make them “artistic”.

Follow #TotalArtist on Instagram for your daily yo-yo fix. 8)

It might be better if they allowed you to use #yo-yo. But, some people’s names are Yo-yo too, like Yo-Yo Ma the cellist. :-\ I refuse to use “return top,” because they have always been yo-yos to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can think of a lot of yo-yo related pages on Instagram, without typing in #yoyo. Try these:


Then, click on photos within those hashtags, and that will lead you to some great yo-yo feeds.

I’m quite offended.

Not really.

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