Yoyo Video-Dedicated to Andrew Miller

Hey Andrew, you got me into the world of BYYS.
And i just wanted to Thank you for that. so err… Thankyou :slight_smile:

So good!!!

I want your grind-based binds in my repertoire so badly…

Those are my Pride and Joy :3
Thanks for the Love!

Your the man! Glad you still have that puffin! I’m gonna text you a little bit later today, I wanna see if we can get a quick Video Collab together by tomorrow. Ill give you more info later.

OHHHH sounds fun!

Awesome hair, equally awesome tricks. Great vid man! Only thing I didn’t like was the lighting and the location, but other than that, fantastic vid man.

I tried to edit the lighting, so it was a cooler tone
But it just didn’t work!

I filmed during the night, so ill try again in the Day,using sunlight!