Summer Edit 2014---Andrew Miller

Here’s a plethora (or 2 minutes worth) of tricks I’ve created or refined over the summer.
I hope you guys enjoy the edit I put together. I filmed for several days at a couple different locations.
Please feel free to give me your feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support,


Leave me some feedback, guys :slight_smile: I know you’re watching it. I want to know what people like about it, hate about it, or what I need to improve.

Does anyone like my videos??

Did anyone watch this? I’ve got zero feedback.


i think you made a few errors in editing and filming (brightness all around), but it was a good video anyway.

I did no adjusting to clips. It was all natural lighting from the sun.

Editing and filming

Those GT lacerations and slacks were sick! All the tricks were great. Where was that filmed?

Thanks man! Most of it was actually filmed just outside of my house. And then the remaining was filmed on a canoe trip I took at Raystown Lake in Pennsylvania.

U got some dope tricks man really dig the ones in the beginning. I’d love to see some tuts for the first three

First three tricks? Or like the little fillers I had that were like 3 seconds long?

Great video, and excellent cinematography

I liked the vid. No one here is a professional cinematographer so we can’t expect it to be exactly perfect. I like the scenery, and the tricks. All the gt’s were sweet!

Thank you! I appreciate your comment about cinematography. I used a GoPro, Hero 1. Way old school. It’s doing great for its age.


Up for Andrew

Thanks man!