Yoyo store

Is there a yoyo store in Indianapolis, Indiana??? I need one

And you can’t use YoYoExpert because…

Maybe shipping or because he might wanna meet yoyoers while there and then they could meet up later or because he might not have a credit card to order etc.
And I’m not sure if there is you should search if I find anyone I’ll shoot you a PM.

Or maybe he wants to try yoyos out that really is something you can’t do online. I would always love a yoyo store near me.

True True.

I found this but I don’t think you want to drive a billion hours to anywhere. Oh BTW, Shoparooni closed in Ohio.

so there are no stores in Indiana???

“No, no, no, don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”

-Yellow Taxi Cab

I couldn’t find any info but if you find a hobby shop there they usually have yoyo’s like Flying Pandas and FHZ but if your looking for something like a Juggernaut then your stuck with the internet.

is there one in orlando

there’s one in tallahassee. as far as indiana, you might have better luck searching chicago. if you’re just looking for a throw on short notice, there’s toys r us, they have stuff like FH2’s and speedbeetles, but for high end metals and such the specialty stores that sell those sort of skill toys are few and far between.

think of it from a business standpoint, the market and the target demograph of skilled yoyoers are very very spread out. the best solution for that is to have stores online. which is precisely the reason most yoyo stores sell their products online. companies like duncan are more mainstream which is why they sell mosquitos at wal mart, but even yoyojam who makes tons of great plastics are still fairly small companies and are pretty much limited to online sales.

best of luck in your search, but like i said, you’d be lucky to find a shop for high end yoyos. some hobby shops, or “natural wonders” toy stores. there are some toy stores that specialize in old toys, like wind up toys, classic toys and toys that dont use batteries (like toylab here in sarasota) and that would be a good place to look. if you have the money, it’s easy to get a pre-paid credit card, and register it for online spending. that’s how i had to do it when i was starting out.