Yoyo Skill Equivalents to Valorant Ranks

I was supposed to be working on something important and time sensitive, so of course I spent half an hour coming up with this instead.

Essentially, Iron is equivalent to the beginner players and Valorant (i know the name was changed to “radiant” like 5 months ago to avoid confusion, but I still think it’s funny they named the highest rank the same thing as the game itself) refers to the top 500 players in the Immortal rank, so I think it’s appropriate here.
But the rank name or game it’s from isn’t what the main idea here is. There’s long been a mix of labels and categories for ways to categorize and label areas of the yoyo skill strata, and this is just another one to add to the list.

Iron: Learning the yoyo fundamentals (ex: gravity pull, forward toss, breakaway, around the world, etc.)

Bronze: Learning trick fundamentals (ex: double or nothing, 1.5 mount, unresponsive basics, etc.)

Silver: More advanced, but still fundamental tricks and elements (ex: eli hops, gt basics and basic gt tricks, kamikaze whip, 1.0 hook, etc.)

Gold: Longer combos with fundamental tricks and elements + a some intermediate elements and more advanced tricks and elements (ex: cold fusion and kamikaze combo, branding and underwater basket weaving combo, horizontal basics, including horizontal skin the gerbil, 1.5 and 2.0 hooks, basic arm and leg elements, etc.)

Platinum: Simpler tech/slack/rail combos learned from other players or made from more fundamental elements and tricks and more advanced body tricks/movement (ex: 2.5 and 3.0 hooks, behind the back and over the head tricks, more advanced arm and leg hop/tech/rail/slack combos, etc.)

Diamond: Competitive players with highly advanced tricks and combos (some by their own creation) (ex: horizontal hop combos, complex tech/rail/slack/meta combos, 3.5 hooks and up, etc.)

Immortal: People who can win minor contests. Essentially Diamond players who understand the system and can build effective routines. (are usually sponsored) (ex: Patrick Canny, Colin Beckford, Darren Tan, etc.)

Valorant: Competitive players who can win highly competitive contests. Players who not only understand the system, but can also work the system and score the highest. (are usually sponsored)(ex: Gentry Stein, Evan Nagao, Shion Araya, Nate Daily, Kieran Cooper, Connor Seals, etc.)

Do you think my interpretation is accurate? I don’t fully keep up with all the yoyo players out there and their accomplishments, so please let me know if you think a player might belong in Valorant rather than Immortal and vice versa!

Btw, I think this would also make for a cool video topic if you’re a youtuber and want to give your own interpretation on the concept, so go ahead! Just remember link to the forum post as a form of credit in the description, so we can bring some of the discussion over here too!

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Not knowing anything about the game you reference, my choice for the top level would be Immortal. There can be only one.



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