Yoyo shop in Utah!

Everyone Confetti Antiques in Spanish Fork Utah is now selling yoyos come in!

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Omg I gotta go what do they have :open_mouth:

Ok so we are getting some YYF. I am buying the cheaper ones now to get more people addicted to Yoyos. I can get One Drops as well. Message me what we should get. The yoyos will probably be here in about 2 weeks.

Awesome! Next time I’m heading down to Price to see my family I’m definitely stopping in!

I would suggest getting the basic stuff like duncan, and yoyojam in your store. The cheaper stuff provided by adegle and C3 is awesome too.

Everyone come in! They will be here this weekend! So excited! If you say my username from the forum when you purchase something then you will get 15% off!

Might have to check it out next week when I’m in utah, are you in the utah yoyo group on facebook?

I tried to join but they never accepted my request. I hope to see you in.

Come IN!

Hey, I live in SLC; I’ll have to stop by the store sometime. Also, what’s the name of the Utah yoyo group on Facebook?

Sweet. Lucky for Utah.

Its just utah yoyo club on face book

Are you open on sundays

We are not open on Sundays. Come in though! I need to sell yoyos to buy new ones to sell.

Come In! We have two Summits in! Come and get them while they last!

Can we see some pictures of the shop? Glad you opened a shop up! God Bless - Moefv

Hey guys we are getting Kendama USA Kendamas! Come in and get them! We are also getting pills!

Nice Store i stopped by and bought a yyf Whip for cheaper than Yoyoexpert.com I definitely Recommend Getting some thing here!