Yoyo Shelf/Storage, what are you using in 2021?

Im sure there will be more than two eventually, but the open squares hurt my ocd lol

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Like how you display your string. I’m going to get a hook now


@Biased_Opinion , I think of it more as storing, but yes. Sort of inspired by Gentry videos where you can see his string hanging in the background. Though once they’re on a yoyo they’re all curled up anyway.

While waiting around for a day to borrow a table saw and build a 7x7 soda crate(ish) shelf, I decided to prototype a different means of storage using cardboard. You’ve heard of the trick ladder? I hereby present the yo-yo staircase (maybe someone else has done this already too). It took about six hours (sleep? ha) and I admit that I had to use the Pythagorean theorem to make sure the distances center to center were equal. I really regret not making it one row wider and two rows taller because when I loaded it up this morning, I had a few yoyos that wouldn’t fit that I intend to keep. If anyone wants the plans or specs, let me know and I’ll post.


something like this, the black crates are .75 cents at Walmart, the throws on the cutting board are the ones that sleep in the cases


I would love to know how you built that

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As you can see, my favorite color is clearly red.


How does that hol up with yoyos mounted? Pics?

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I love your collection. And I really love that artwork!

The glass dome display stand is spectacular, but Beast called and he needs it for that magic rose of doom he has.


haha thanks man :smiley: :green_heart:

The little dome display is actually from the dollar store! I should’ve bought a couple more (I never see them there anymore).


Are those TIE Fighters and X-Wings I see on the top of your display? :upside_down_face:

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:smiley: They’re from a game called X-Wing Miniatures me and my mom use to play


That is super cool. I hadn’t heard of that game, I guess I need to check it out.


It’s really stable and I don’t even have it fully supported (it’s sitting on a little box that’s half of its width so it’s just out of reach of our 4 year old). Yo-yos don’t weigh much. I can pick the whole thing up and it holds together fine. @Dude0909 it’s just plain old “cardboard” (corrugated board), cut up razor blade and a metal ruler as a guide and held together with Elmer’s Glue-All. I have a PDF of the design if you want it. Pretty simple, but time consuming/tedious to build.


As per request of @Lido here is my small display unit of throws that I want to throw on a regular basis/edc.
Please excuse the mess.

And I wish I made it. Bought it from eBay. Saw many people here using soda crates and this was the only thing I could find in the UK. Was planning to strip the sides and spray paint it black.

I would love to get a bigger one so I could have my whole collection on display. :blush:


Looks great. I’m currently mulling whether to fit my collection to my storage or the other way around.


How many yoyos do you have?

I don’t play with all my throws. I love the idea of being able to just pick one up at random like I’m in a store but then there will be some that will just collect dust (I know I could just wipe it but my OCD won’t let me) and that’s why I got majority of my collection in bags and just have a few on display.
I would love to get the sochi acrylic display case but can’t justify (not yet anyway) spending $160 + import tax on a display case that will only show off a small part of my collection and the strings need to be removed too.

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In between the time I came up with the idea for the cardboard rack (posted earlier in this thread) and the time I finished building it, I’d gone over what it holds (46). I worry about dust (and maybe even rust if any of the steel rings on the bi metals aren’t stainless or rust proof) leaving them out, but yeah, I like to grab a few and run through the current tricks on them to see how well I’ve got it down and how different each one plays.

…and I’m planning on getting the Contact today, but I need to talk myself down from the other 8 throws in my cart right now.


Got these at a container store. Kinda pricey but they work!


That kendama in the package is nice! Looks weight matched too. :slight_smile: