Yoyo shape questions

So, I was looking at a few yoyos, and I had a question about a few. The superstar has the same shape as the protostar right? The Sasquatch/ Avalanche have the same shape as the Protostar right? (By shape I mean gap and shape.) Does the skyline have the same shape as the Protostar? The upcoming clyw canvas is going to be shaped like a dv888 right?

Thanks in advance.

Uhh… I don’t really think any of that is right.
The protostar is a kinda angular shape. like
the superstar is H shaped.
The avalanche is a bit more rounded than a protostar
same with the sasquatch.
the skyline is a slight H shape
the dv888 is… I don’t really know what to call that. it’s just rounded with a flat part
and the Canvas is going to be an organic shape with a groove in it. It’s a similar shape the the avant garde.

Okay, thanks dude. Im not new to yoyoing, I just don’t know all of the terms and whatnot. I just yoed and didn’t get concerned with things like that. Thanks again. ;D