YoYo Player's Rivals

I have been noticing for a while, and its kind of fun to think about. It seems like All YoYoers have their own YoYo Rival. Like, not Rivals in the bad way, like there always mad at eachother or anything, but it just seems like every YoYoer has an Opposite or Similar Player. Like:

Grant Johnson V.S. Evan Nagao
David Ung V.S. John Chow
Yuuki Spencer V.S. John Ando
Jensen Kimmitt V.S. Eric Koloski
Ann Connolly V.S. Joe Wilson
Andre Boulay V.S. Johny Dalvalle
Tyler Severance V.S. Miguel Correa

I could go on and on about this.

Not Everybody is gonna agree with this, but this is just something Iv Noticed, and Im sure a lot of people have thought about this one time or another.

Tell me your Thoughts. :wink:
-Cody Wright

Well some of their styles are completely different. It’s also kind of hard to think about, because Tyler and Miggy are good friends, and same for the other people, so I don’t really get what you’re saying because they have completely different styles.

Yeah I know Man. Like Even and Grant are Friends. Ann and Joe are Friends. Probably most of the Players I have listed are Friends, but Im just saying that they kind of seem like they have to put together in one way shape or form. Like I put Miggy and Tyler together, Because they both Play 1A and 5A, and they have Both had their Times where they Win in 5a. I put Ann and Joe together because they Both got Sponsored by YYF in the Same Month. etc…

How did you get Jensen and Eric? That’s the only one I didn’t understand.

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I still don’t really get it. And Tyler doesn’t play 5A anymore, and Miggy rarely competes in 1A…

I put Jensen and Eric Together because they both Win a Lot of Contests.
Jensen- WYYC 2010 1st. Cali State 1st 2010. BAC 2010 1st. CYYN 2009 1st. And a lot More.
Eric- 3x MA States 1st. NER 2009 1st. And a lot More.

I just think of them as Loved and Extremely Talented Players. They also both have Really Complex and Fast String Tricks. :wink:

I don’t see them as rivals. AT ALL.
They aren’t ever out to beat one another. They yoyo with each other.

What do you mean he doesn’t Play 5A anymore? Of Course he Does! He Just Competed in 5A like Last Month! What gave you the Idea that Tyler doesn’t play 5A anymore? And it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t Compete in 1A, he still Plays 1A a lot. :wink:

Q, Im not trying to say that they are Actuall Rivals. I just didn’t know any other word to Describe their Similarly or Opposite Styles. :wink:

Boguslawjan Mika vs Gizzyo!

i understand Yuuki Vs Ando

I believe last month on Facebook he was thinking of stopping his 5a to do more 1a. I’m not sure what his decision was, but based on what x52 says, I’m guessing he went with 1a.