Yoyo Photography contest!

Alright, I feel this would be a fun thing to do on YYE.

I’m hosting a yoyo photography contest. It will most likely end at the end of this year. What we do is, every month, 30 (or however many days is in that month) people sign up. They take a picture of anything yoyo related. At the end of each month. I will make a poll, it will stay up for the first week of the following month. The winner of each month’s poll will win A vulto string of whatever color I happen to have, They Prizes may change within the months, we’ll see.

One individual cannot sign up for the contest twice in the same month. If there are not enough people who signed up, One person can sign up twice, but only twice. If there are still not enough, we will skip those days. If one fails to turn in the picture on time, he has to turn it in within 7 days, or he/sha is disqualified and someone will either fill in the spot or we will skip the days. The pictures must be PM’d to me.

Also, the contest will only start in March.

March calendar:

1/3: Mattsk8nike
2/3: theyoster109
3/3: metal man
4/3: buck choy
5/3: illusionz
6/3: Contagon
7/3: streetsk8r121
8/3: DarK- Magic Xii
9/3: stephen_cam
13/3: Kei
15/3: Infinite Chaos
17/3: Mitch
22/3: mcrnja
29/3: Nmaster
31/3: JakeKoffer

Sign up now! Leave a reply to this thread or PM me.

I’m in. Sign me up for the 1st.

Signed up.

I’m in, 2nd PLZ :stuck_out_tongue:

me third

Can I have the 17th?

Signed all of you up. Good luck!

Me 31!

Sign me up for the 4th.

Bumpin’ it up.

Sign me up for the 5th please!

I’ll take the 15th! This should be awesome! ;D

What the hey, I’ll take the 6th please. ;D

Signed all of you up.

I’ll take 29th

Bumping it up!

need more contestants or this will be moved to April.

I’m nowhere near being a greet photographer. But hey, why not?

Sign me up for the 22.

Are we still doing this? D:

15th pl0x

me 7th