Yoyo Monster - opinions

I was asked for some quick opinions of the YoyoMonster yo-yos that I personally own. Since this is a relatively unknown brand outside Japan, I thought it might help others who might be considering trying some of these premium throws coming from Japan. While YoyoRecreation and Turning Point are well known, some of the smaller brands may be a bit daunting when trying to get information and reviews. The following was my reply to this question. It was not meant to be a review, but more a buying opinion/guide about the models I actually own:


YoyoMonster makes some of the most high-quality yo-yos coming from Japan. The thing that makes them special is their exquisite weighting. Where TP and YYR are all about rim-weight, These yo-yos are much more balanced, but give you the same powerful spin you get with YYR.

The bad thing about YoyoMonster is that they are made in very small quantities. They manufacture to the highest standards like YYR and TP. Unfortunately, that means that often their most popular models are not easily obtained.

  1. Basileus - absolutely beast. Super fast and responsive while having the the ability to go slow when you want. Awesome spin and balance. This is their best one right now. It can play 1A and 5A equally well due to its width and powerful spin.

  2. Dragon Rouge 3D - sort of their Y-Factor on steroids. Has not been seen in a long time. Really great for 3A and 1A. It is fast, ultra-maneuverable and very long-spinning. I really wish they would make more of these available.

  3. Quickmate - Like its name says: quick and powerful. One of my absolute favorites. Plays a lot like the Basileus, but the width is a bit less so it is a bit more maneuverable for 1A. The Quickmate is stable, but not quite as stable for 5A as the Remate.

  4. Checkmate/Remate - heavier than the quickmate but very similar shape. This one plays like the CLYW Avalanche but in 7075 - so it has more rotational momentum. Like the YYR Mr. Butcher, it is a great 5A and 1A player because of ferocious spin and stability. Even though it is heavy, it can handle anything you throw at it with grace and aplomb. Where the Quickmate is a Porsche, the Remate is a AMG Mercedes 500SL.

  5. Dual - Bit of a different throw. Complete butterfly shape. This is getting very popular now in JP. While I find some of these a bit “bindy” this one actually plays great. Most yoyos with this shape seem prone to premature binds that seem to come from nowhere. This guy is balanced and plays like a Chief. The Butterfly shape is best suited for Horizontal play. Since I am not good enough to do that yet - I cannot comment on that aspect of its play. It is, however, smooth as butter and plays way better than any other butterfly shaped yoyo I have thrown both on long loopy combos as well as hoppy type tricks.

Those are the ones I have thrown. ALL of them are excellent yo-yos that I would recommend to anyone anytime. I would put Yoyo Monster on the YYR, TP level easily; but Yoyo Monster cuts its own ground with a feel that is distinctly different from the traditional two and therefore definitely worth a look.

Since I am expressing opinion - two others of notable mention: YoyoyJoker New Double Joker. This is a bigger, beefier version of the venerable Double Joker. It has an inner Delrin catch zone, but don’t let that fool you. This yoyo is beast and can play with anyone - even the Anglam. That is my last recommendation. If you can spare the bucks; the Anglam is the best yoyo available right now in my opinion. It has it all. Fast, maneuverable, stable and forgiving; absolutely magnificent yoyo. Unfortunately, Mr Suzuki knows this and will hit you for big $ to get one :slight_smile:

Good luck. With anything from Yoyo Monster, YoyoJoker, sOMEThING; or any other of the popular throws from Japan. I am sure you will be pleased.


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How would it compare to a Sleipnir?

Most of these compare well to the Sleipnir.

The model that would best compare to the Sleipnir is the Quickmate. The Basileus is a bit wider and the weight is more in the middle of the yoyo rather than just the rims. The Quickmate is just like the Sleipnir but more balanced. I would actually rate the Quickmate on par, if not slightly better than the Sleipnir for 1A. It is fast, maneuverable and spins like a demon.

The Yoyo Monster Remate is more like the YYR Gleipnir or the Solenoid from TP.

I hope that helps.

Have you ever played a 3points??. I want to buy one, but it seems that nobody has it. And for being a really small undersize(31.4dia) with a price tag of $120 I want to know if its worth it.

Necro’ing to thank YoyoGeezer for posting this. I’m looking at YYM’s lineup today and this is really helpful!


I was going to do this too but I was scared to do it!!! hehe… But seriously these Monster’s are soooo freeking good!!! It’s just sick how good mine plays!!!

I already have another on the way!!

Also, thanks Geez for all your help. From one Matt to another!!! ;D ;D

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I tried one of these a while ago, it was really good.

Yoyo Monster is like the General-Yo of Japan. They make too few yo-yo’s to really get noticed; or sponsor huge events and teams. But their yo-yo’s are among the best designed and manufactured throws out there. Give them a try. You will be pleased you did.

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I just received my KONIG today. For those of you who do not know the KONIG is a 6061 version of the Basileus. Two grams lighter but the same design. WOW what a zippy throw. The difference between them is enough for it to be fun!! I really love the purple too. It has that kind of color changing thing going on with it!!!

I didn’t bother to read the initial review due to flat out being to lazy.

I can only say YYM are true players. I like the fact they are very under the radar as well.


I’m interested in trying a YYM.The three throws i’ve narrowed it down to are Remate, Checkmate (7075) and Basileus.
Are these designs outdated? Or still good designs and yoyos?
I like yoyos that’s stable, long spinning and that can go with decent speed. If it’s floaty of hefty doesn’t really matter, i like both!
(And please don’t tell me about the Agonist. It’s too expensive and impossible to find)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I still absolutely love my checkmate. The stepped profiles are plenty current with todays shapes and designs and the checkmate was actually my all time favorite yoyo for horizontal. That said I haven’t tried the 7075 version but I bet it’s just as good.


Anyone else? I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to either the Remate or the Basileus now.

I’d definitely go for the remate

The way the konig was weighted felt pretty weird to me and the basileus is the same shape

Of the three I have only played the Basileus. IMHO the Basileus has that light yoyo feel but that powerful feel of a more heavy solid throw. The spin times were always excellent and it moved effortlessly. Again I have only played that one but I really enjoyed it. As for are these designs outdated? I don’t think so. They are among the best looking yoyo designs I have seen… Best of luck man!!

Thanks everyone! I went for a 7075 Checkmate and a 7075 Remate :slight_smile: So stoked!

@yoyogeezer I feel sorry to hear you are so big fan of YYM and doesn´t have their best creation (by far), the Agonist.

BTW, i have a prototype for sale :smiley:

I am looking to get something new from YYM. I heard some fit issues with the Agonist; so waiting for something a bit less of a prototype. Maybe something with SS rings instead of brass?

Got my Yoyomonsters today, and they’re awsome! And as mentioned earlier, they do have a really unique feel :slight_smile:

Necroing (again)
Considering getting the Basileus or the AC2. Anyone here played both? If so, a few words on how they differ would be highly appreciated :slight_smile: