YoYo model identification help

Hi, new here. I’m a amateur when it comes to yoyos, I’ve always messed with them as long as I can remember but never really got good. Very limited tricks, but enough to amaze my small children.

Anyways, I picked up two yoyos a while ago and quickly figured out I don’t have the skills to use them. I tried and tried with the silver one and never even removed the blue one from it’s package.

They’ve since sat in a drawer untouched for a couple years at least. I ran into them recently and became interested in them again. But for the life of me I can’t remember what models theses are, I was hoping someone here can help.

The are both Bomb Squad, the silver one has been used by me and shows signs of it. The blue one is brand new and if I remember correctly was a limited run.

Any help is appreciated, hoping to get the model name of each.

Thanks and sorry for the crappy pics.

The silver one on top is a Yoyofactory Genesis and the shiny blue one is a DNA

and both are bombsquad edition