Yoyo Mod contest

I’ve seen a lot of contests but I want this one to stand out. No Prizes just for fun. So I was thinking about modding a FHZ into something amazing. BUT you have to film a video of you yoing with your finished model of the FHZ. The video will have to include the Luminator before you modded it and after you modded it. After that the video must include a 1 min. freestyle.

judging categories

Beauty: out of 15

Play: out of 20

Effort of mod: out of 10

The contest ends at September 10.

Ready… set… Mod!!!

I don’t think you can post other yoyo stores on here, you might want to edit your post.

yeah I’ll do that right away. ;D



How many entries do you expect to receive?

Answer: 0

Sorta troll, but I agree.

Not trying to troll, just saying that if you’re going to host a mod + video contest the requires a lot of work from the contestants but you’re not offering anything in return, no one is going to do it lol.

I totally agree.