Yoyo Meet At Maker Faire!

Hey everyone!

I’m one of the engineering interns at Make Magazine and some co-workers saw my yoyoing and were very impressed. We thought it would be great to have a yoyo area at Maker Faire! I would love to have a group of yoyo players and possibly have some yoyos for sell there. It’ll be like BAC without the contest! =) Yoyo companies can show off the yoyos that they make and the players can show off what can be done with them!

Here’s the plan:

Any player who is interested in throwing their yoyos at the Maker Faire will get FREE admission into the event!

Any yoyo company that would like to sell their yoyos will also get FREE admission and is eligible for space to set up tables, booths, etc. for a small fee (to support Maker Faire).

For anyone who is interested in attending, please email me with the subject line, “Yoyo at Maker Faire”, to ericchu@makezine.com. I’ll send everyone with directions on how to get in for free and all that jazz. =) I’ll also be happy to answer any questions posted in this thread.

This is a great chance to show many thousands of people what yoyoing is about!

Hope to see some people show up! I’ll be bringing my pad making tools and showing everyone how to make their own pads!

-Eric Chu

Man this is sweet. Where is it at?

Nevermind :-[ clicked the links l0l. I would love to but too far from me.