Yoyo Meet, Oss, The Netherlands

So, since there seem to be no organisations/clubs/whatever in my country. I’ve taken it upon myself to organise one.

So 29th of May in a park near the train station there will be a (hopefully) fun meetup in my hometown.

We’ll have a couple of throwers coming from all over our country who’ll bring some of their throws to show off and possibly trade or sell.

We’ll be organising a Trick ladder contest in Advanced and Beginner classes. With prizes provided by a generous sponsor who shall not be named on this forum.

Arc1 (a Dutch player) will be presenting some of his neew yoyo the Gemstone.

And I’ll have a number of good beginner and budget yoyos available for low (no profit for me) prices for people who are interested in starting the hobby.

So If you’re local to the Netherlands or in a part of Belgium or Germany that’s not too far away come on over and bring your friends.

In closing here’s the poster (I know it’s in Dutch…but that’s the local language.)
Location: Jan Cunen Park
City: Oss
Date: 29th of May 2022
Time: 13:00-17:00
Cost: Nada, nothing for free.
For possible questions or needed info contact: yoyomeet.oss@gmail.com
(or hit me up on the forum here)

If you’re a facebook user then here’s the Event link:


sounds like a great time. i hope you have a good turn out!


Yeah i hope so too. If i do have a decent turnout I’ll also organise it in other (bigger) cities in the months after. It’ll be a fun way to connect to local throwers and maybe generate some new interest in the sport.

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Quick bump, please let any throwers you know I the area know about this. I really want to do this more often but if hardly anyone shows up I’ll have to make it a smaller event in the future.

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Man that’s so cool that you have taken matters into your own hand and organized a meet. I respect that.
I’m interested. Maybe I’ll be there but I don’t know yet.

I figured i can wait until someone else does it and not know if it’s ever going to happen…or just give it a try myself.

So far i have confirmed attendance from at least 4 other serious Dutch throwers and I’m working pretty hard to publicise it around the local area and get adults and kids to come check it out.

It would be amazing if you can make it and meet me and the others in person.

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I just purchased train tickets! I will be there. I am so excited to meet you guys. This is the first time yoyoing takes me abroad.


That’s totally bada$$!

Now i really gotta turn it in to something fun.

Where are you coming from?

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I am from Germany :de::de::de::smile:


Awesome man. I’d say come find me but i should be easy to find once you’re there.


Beginner yoyos and prize/practise yoyos + promotional material from YYF just arrived. Just one more box of yoyos to arrive yet and all the goodies will be here and ready.


if i weren’t thousands of miles away, this would be on my list of things to do.
i hope people turn up for you!!



The last box of beginner throws showed up.

Final preparations and I’ll be ready for next week.


Tomorrow is the day.

Sadly the weather seems to not be impressive tomorrow. But I’ve arranged a couple of tents in case it drips a bit.

I’ve got snacks and drinks, music, beginner yoyos, doing workshops for beginners, we have a couple of fun contests with prizes were going to be doing, stickers, free string.

And of course a bunch of throwers who are going to be meeting In real life for the first time.

If you’re capable of visiting and you didn’t you’re gonna miss out for sure.


Good luck!
I hope the weather holds up for you.


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I’m on my way :bullettrain_side:


Packed up all my throws.

Made lists and a schedule. About to pack up the car a drive there to set everything up.

See some if you there i hope.


The gemstone yoyo that got presented today is very special and unique and I really enjoyed it. You don’t wanna miss out on this one.


It’s very cool.