yoyo made from skateboard wheels

My brother pointed out that it would be cool if i could make a yoyo from skateboard wheels. I think this is an awesome idea. How can I do it? ??? ???

Something…like this?

Dang it, i wanted to be the first… haha but I would want to make a butterfly capable of long string tricks.

would i use spacers so i could fit a bearing in it?

I remember having one of those in the early 2000s. They were’nt actual skateboard wheels though.

Never give up on your dreams! Just re-direct and try some other idea!

I have been thinking about this for ages. I was literally taken aback when I saw a thread on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like an awesome mod. Maybe cut the wheels to make em narrower, then shape them into a nice rounded butterfly shape. Or maybe just cut the logo and make it like a cap/weight ring and put it on a light yoyo.

Walking the dog will never be the same.

Thane lines.

Hey, completely classic. That was my company (Global Style) that actually made Fakies,. I’ve not got an 8 year old son that just started playing with yo-yos and asked about bearing yo-yos, and behold, I pulled a box down out of the rafters with some still in there. Looks like we made them last week, and plays like a charm. No idea if this is a completely vacant post, but funny to run into it.

B!ST made one iirc.

Necro…… lol

I think in this case you can cut this guy some slack since he was part of it.
Fakies by Global Style