Skateboard Wheel as yoyo


Hi guys, hope you like it:


you must be a flippin super genius, seriously dude, that was dope!


Interesting vid but I don’t see the point…


Man there’s no point, is just a sketch to introduce the mod.


The point is, Mr B!st is extremely creative and lets face it, his vids have never been anything less than fun (and down right hysterical at times). Isn’t that the point of this hobby as so many say in this “community”?


Man, that’s amazing.

Sell it…

Sell it…


Yes, sell it!! Sell lots! I think I’d want to get one. Hey, think you could make one from inline skate wheels as a looper? Oh wait, that might not be too good. The wheels I use now are 84mm(too large) and my previous skates were 72mm(again, too large). Wait… Offstring? Hmmm… interesting!

B!st is great!

(WildCat23) #8

Love it!

(Owen) #9

Mr. B!IST, you are a genius!


That’s awesome! I still wonder how you do these things…


you could use longboard wheels for an offstrong, just maybe. Great video, bist! Our favorite things are the same !


This is AMAZING (Yes, yelled, and bolded, and underlined!)

This is honestly the type of creativity I’d like to see in regular production. Incorporating other hobbies or ideals from other places is what helps keep the yoyo’ing world expanding. I can’t wait to watch more :smiley:



Great concept, please please PLEASE expand on it more.

Like with wide long-board style wheels that have the rim mass to make an “acceptable” playing yo-yo, out of the same material that skateboard wheels are made of, and with the same designs and influence.



Thx guys, thank you very much, I really appreciate your comments!

…but true is it’s not a big deal, I mean, it plays very good, but the yoyo is very besic, the genius is the
guy that suggested me to make that :wink:

I have already done the yoyo fot the next month, keep in touch.
Have a nice day!


You crazy crazy genius! I want one of those!!!



Yay Mr BIST :smiley:

Keep up the good work!