Yoyo Kid: Video by Devin Super Tramp

In case anyone hasn’t seen it yet, Zach Gormley just dropped an awesome video filmed and produced by the maker of a bunch of pretty popular videos with massive views. I’m so glad throwing is getting some publicity but MAN the hate I’ve been seeing in the comments. Some people just can’t handle some real skill.

great video.
but sad to see massive hate from youtube trolls.

All videos on YouTube with any degree of popularity have comments like that. That’s the nature of YouTube. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it, and nor should Zach Gormley or Devin Super Tramp (and they’re probably not).

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Between this and the Ann video, yoyo has gotten some serious internet attention lately. Pretty cool.

Yoyos are going to become like Silly Bandz were everybody and there mom is going to have them and then a year later they quit. I like our small community though I think it wouldn’t be as fun if thousands of people came to contest it just wouldn’t be the same.

No it won’t. Yoyo takes time and devotion more than is “Cool.”

Just thought I’d share my comment. Little censoring. Haha

I would bet a quintillion dollars that he yoyos in his spare time; also that all of the time he spends yoyoing is not time that he gets paid for. Also that he probably doesn’t get paid all that much.

Still don’t see any reason for people to hate on him. I think it’s fantastic that people devote so much of their spare time to something like this. Beats devoting it to doing nothing more than watching TV and talking smack about people on YouTube.

I didn’t mean that he was a millionaire. And I meant he doesn’t spend all day and night yoyoing. Without any friends, in a dark corner like most people would imagine.

I had the weirdest dream where the Zach and Charles crashed my house and slept in my basement…

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This is awesome! So is the rest of Devin’s channel