Yoyo in ASL?

(Sensei Dave) #1


Is there anyone out there in the deaf/hard of hearing community on this board? I’m learning ASL on my own and I can’t find the sign for Yoyo! I have found some seriously awesome free sites but NONE of them have a sign for yoyo! Sure I can spell it out but COME ON!? There HAS to be a sign for it!

Thanks in advance! :wink:


my parents are deaf! :smiley:
they use the gravity pull movement

(JM) #3

I’ll ask my half sister.

(DOGS) #4

I learned it as doing Y and O in an up and down movement, Y going up and O going down.

(JM) #5

This, or spell it out is what she said.


ask Buck on Extremespin. he’s super nice and super deaf ;D