YoYo Idea

I came up with an idea that I think would be pretty cool. I was wondering if anyone else thought so, so I made this poll. These are hand-drawn, so they aren’t very accurately drawn.




those… are the most amazing x’s i have every seen… it’s genious

Don’t know what happened… ???

I’m pretty sure this has already been done as a joke yoyo in a mod contest somewhere and probably by B!st.

Alrihgt, I lack some depth perception, so I may be seeing this wrong, but is that a round yoyo with octogans for rims. Or just a straight up Octaganol yoyo?

Maybe it is an optical illusion yoyo. Somehow it transforms from octagonal to round?

It looks pretty cool but I’m pretty sure it would be hard to grind using something with octagonal rims. lol

Well i know bist did a square yoyo, i’m not so sure about an octagon.

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I think it would be Awesome if you could make those Yoyos at home.
They kind of look like a YYF Dv888. :wink:

b!st did an octagon

It is a round yoyo with octagonal rims, thanks for the feedback.


Embedding has been fixed.