Yoyo gloves

Im getting the sOMETHING yoyo glove(s?). I was wondering if it comes with one or two gloves. Thanks!

I just ordered nylon gloves.

It did not say in the description?

When you placed the order, in the notes to seller, you should have just told then you were an octopus. They would prolly send you 8 gloves. Too late now.

Seriously, why don’t you guys just ask these kind of questions directly to the people you bought the stuff from?

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Common sense not common these days.

The gloves are sold individually, not in pairs.

Nylon gloves rock!

Why do some have the last fingers cut off?

IDK, but I have one of those and let me tell you they’re made like that to look cooler :stuck_out_tongue:

jk, I think it’s because they don’t think you’ll be using those last two fingers (which I don’t often either)

The gloves help the string move smoothly over your fingers and prevent string burn.  You really only need them if you’re playing really fast, and if you’re throwing really fast speed combos then chances are you’re not using your pinky finger too much.

If you find string burn to be an issue on your pinky finger while you’re yo-yoing then try the sOMEThING Yo-Yo Gloves; they cover all 5 fingers, but they do run a bit small.