Yoyo gaps shrinking?


So I was just wondering can a yoyo gap shrink? I was just using my Protege and then I looked at it and saw that the gap seemed smaller. Is this true, or my imagination?


I DONT KNOW WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME!!! JK what might be happeneing is the metal expanding from heat and yeah. thats all i can really think of


Can’t be, it’s not hot where I am, and that can’t be likely.

(JosephP) #4

Maybe you didn’t screw the yoyo all the way together the first time. but the second time you did?


Yes I did. And that wouldn’t be making it shrink, because if it’s not full screwed up, it would make the gap wider.

(DOGS) #6

the gap is fixed…

(JosephP) #7

Did you over tighten it?




Unless you sliced a chunk of the bearing or bearing seat off, it’s not shrinking. It’s just you. Because you are crazy. So crazy, that I think you need to give us your yoyos to save yourself from insanity.

Just a tip. :wink:


lol you remember that?!
i do to :stuck_out_tongue:
i agree it is you