yoyo flash game =D

i found this cool and stupid  :stuck_out_tongue: yoyo flash game and wanted to share it with you all
it is a simple game all you have to do is take the yoyo to the hole without bumping it to some thing if you bumped it you well go back 1 stage btw there is alote of stages just for fun and wasting time  :stuck_out_tongue:
you wont be sorry for downloading its nice to play with while your bored  :wink:
don’t forget till me what you think about that simple game and how high did you go ;D

I have a mac and it didn’t work for me. Does it only work on PC?

you can only play with it with windows 95 98 2000 2003 nt xp vista 7 (all windows)
:stuck_out_tongue: just typing what windows i remamber

Is there any way you could create an online version that could be played with a mac?

Don’t download this, my computer detected it has a Trojan Horse Virus on it. I got it off, Just be aware.

Wow, glad I had a mac! Was this on purpose? He is a hacker…

my bad now try it i swear there is nothing on it now its just a link to other web page that has that game

its soo hard >:( i will stay up all night till i get past level 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

UGHH!!! Level 10 is impossible.

9’s code is speng, 10’s code is longcat. its impossible i tell ya! >:( I managed to get through 9 after over 9000 attempts. 10 is really impossible.