Yoyo Factory Velocity


I have a YYF Velocity that I am willing to sell or trade. It is bright green and black. It has been played with but is not beat up or anything one of the stickers on the side has been removed but the surface is clean and does not look beat up or “gummy”. The bearing has been cleaned and lightly lubed. I still have both pairs of shuttles. I can send pictures if your interested. It is a great and still plays well. There is one place on the side that has a scuff on it but doesn’t affect the play in the least. This plays like new.

The Velocity is a great beginner to intermediate yoyo and features YoyoFactory’s adjustable responce which lets this yoyo grow as you do. I don’t use it as much as I used to and would prefer to put it in a good home with a loving family. PM me or reply if you would like pictures or additional information.

I am looking for anything either 1A or 5A with a regular response. Freehand Zero (preferably clear), Kickside, Lynn Fury. Im not picky, all offers will be given consideration. If you just want to pay cash talk to me and we will work something out

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