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Most people have not met you Doc, you’ve been gone way too long. Nice to see that you’re still paying attention to us though.

I’ve read this, like, three times.

I’m still confused.

Are you implying that my absence was a good or bad thing?

I am saying that people here have missed out on your awesomeness because you have been gone, which is a bad thing. I am quite happy that you are back actually, if you really are back that is.

What I like is.

  • People are Disciplined :smiley:
  • Not Rude
  • Hanging out in Unrelated Discussion with Laughing and fun! :smiley:

And so many more. :smiley:

Your always welcome! :wink:

Yeah, I’m back. This place really is awesome, and the people make it that way. Thanks for the warm (re)welcome!

Aw yes! Welcome back man.

Hi Robert good to see you again. Your influence has been missed.

As a note, your influence has been missed too Jeromy.

this is the first and last yoyo furum i will ever join
it’s too awesome to spend valuable time on other forums

I actually think you should spend some time at other forums. This is a relatively small forum and you get to know many other people from just reading at other forums… Then try posting there.

I’m still around I just don’t post often.