Yoyo engraving by northstarrocks

Okay I know a lot of people wanted me to engrave yoyos and I think I finally can. It will be with a soda blaster and done as if I was doing a stone. So I would use special stencil then protect the rest of the yoyo and blast the one part that I didn’t protect. I could write letters I think but I doubt if I could do big logos The big logos need depth and stuff but letters or small logos are workable I I think. I’m gonna practice some today.

I did a bunch of tattoo’s on yoyo’s with the bead blasting. They never made the forums here cause I was keeping them under wraps till I could get a few things set up for a finish.

Had spoken to England about some ano on them and looks like we are going to give it a go with a trial. That is once I get the time of course to do something I deem worthy of ano.

Sweet… how thick stencil are you using?

Also what size bead do you use?