Yoyo drawers for an Expedit shelf

At some point in time I had my collection of under 12 yoyos in a retrofitted tackle box. Bottom for the yoyos, top for accessories. Then I got more yoyos so I made some more storage out of cigar boxes (the small one doesn’t fit many yoyos; ended up using it for accessories and random string:


But recently it wasn’t passing muster. We had just installed a bank of Ikea “Expedit” shelving, so I commandeered 2 units (going to be 3 soon enough…) and did some custom drawers. I don’t have a lot of time for these projects, but my retired father took an interest (and some measurements) and in a few short days presented me with a drawer “insert” for the Expedit shelves. All 4 can come out at once in a self-contained structure. I just had to cut the foam for the 2 drawers that contain yoyos. The cigar boxes will be “travel” boxes with a thick rubber band securing them shut.




Since I’m already posting photos, here’s a shot of my “boutique string” storage. I have other bulk string elsewhere, but this helps keep my 10-packs organized:


Why can’t I thank you? A thing of beauty.

Haha! Dunno, maybe thank-yous are disabled on the Exhibition subforum?

But yeah, it has worked out great! If I can keep my collection this size, I should be good. Otherwise I will probably have to get a 2-drawer unit as well for accessories and stuff. :wink:

I think two drawers is pretty conservative. Guess someone was reading over your shoulder :wink: Awesome though. My Ikea stuff looks way more budget :wink:

Haha, yo-yo cabinet, love it!