YoYo/Diabolo YoYo Meet in VA

Hey Guys!
There is a YoYo/Diabolo meet at the Chesterfield County, Midlothian library this saturday at 11:00AM. There is gonna be a lot of people demonstrating Diabolos, as well as YoYos. Im pretty sure that its mostly about diabolos, but im sure there is gonna be yoyoers there as well. So the people in VA should come on down. It should be pretty fun. :wink:

i can only think of one other thrower in the richmond area. pretty cool to know theres others out there :slight_smile: (i live in henrico)
i wish i could come but im out of town :frowning:

i might go. when is this?

Saturday at 11:00AM. :wink:

Just a reminder, the event is tomorrow. :wink:

sorry man, i def can’t go. found out my lil bro’s friends B-day party is in the same neighborhood of one of my friends. and my friend is really pretty…so imma go chill with her.