YoYo Demo

Hey Guys! Myself and a fellow DXL member are going to be doing yoyo demos for Duncan Yoyos at Toys ‘r’ Us in Bakersfeild Ca. and Victorville Ca. Late next month! the date is not set in stone as of right now but anybody who lives in the area that would want to come out and show their stuff…hang out or just whatever shoot me your info and I’ll PM you the Adress’ and Arrival times when they become available to me.

P. Baldi

Post back here with the times and locations when you get them! :slight_smile:

ill come its me adam send soem dates whe you get them

what info do you need exactly

ok the date is May 30th

times are still being worked out. Im going to call glasseye tonight and see what we are scheduled for.

try to do a demo at san rafael, CA!

Where the heck is that lol?

OK guys

We will be at the Toy’r’Us In VictorVille Ca at 10am. For a 2 hour set then smash out over too Bakersfeild at for for another 2 hour set.

See anybody that can make it there!

oooh i go out there to ride my dirt bike all the time i’ll go and i will bring a few of my buddys

ps have you ever do a performance at a birthday party in Arizona cuz a girl at my school said tat a yoyo team preformed at her cousins birthday and your kinda close if you live near VictorVille

man,I live in north county san diego and bakesfield is a little too far for me.

Lol I live near palm springs I think we’re both in the same boat lol its about a 3 hour drive to BF.

Im guessing that was Julius’ crew Team ALLYoyo great bunch of cats they’re located out in Phoenix Az.

see you guys there!

oh :smiley: