yoyo comparison

i think that yoyoexpert should have a way to compare yoyos like other sites it will improve a lot in choosing yoyos seeing them side by side


bump it up so people can agree

people agreeing isn’t going to make it happen. Andre having the ability to or the time to is what will make that happen.

I don’t even think people agreeing or Andre having the time to make it happen is really going to do it.

Let’s look at it this way. I think we can all agree that individuals have preferences. What one person may hate, another may like. What makes one guy play like a champ can be a piece of junk to someone else. Plus, reviews, regardless of how fair one tries to make it, end up being biased by personal preferences.

All I can think is to have a somewhat standardized set of stats. Oh wait, they already do that. Each model has a section that shows the dimensions, weight, bearing type, response system and I think a few more items. But, alas, that’s a rather cold way to compare stuff. Everything else is subject to interpretation.

I have to do the same thing with microphones. Is the $280 Telefunken M80 better than the $160 Audix OM-7 or the $100 Shure SM-58or the Shure SM86($160) or the Sennheiser e835 or the $500+ Audio Technica AE5400… It comes down to matching the right transducer to the performer or source. But unlike with yoyos, I have to carry a wide assortment of mics because I need as many tools in my box as possible to deal with the situation. I moved an artist off his personal and preferred Shure Beta 58($140 on average)(read: he brought his own) onto the Telefunken M80. With flat EQ, the move to the M80 made is voice pop through the mix.

Yoyos have to be the same way. To each their own. There’s a market for low-end and beginner, and a market for those who really take their yoyos seriously. Reviews have to be taken with a grain of salt. Plus, with so many yoyos out there, comparing X to Y can be difficult. Short of a secondary standardized checklist done by a “yoyo machine” that’s similar to those machines that swing golf clubs at golf balls under the eye of a data collector looking for some way to gather statistics, it’s all opinion anyways.

It’s best of users go ahead and post their 2-cents worth. There’s usually less worry about someone being sponsored putting up a deliberately biased review. Plus, with so many yoyo players collecting yoyos anyways, the odds are good that unless it’s a new model, there’s more than one person having the items to compare with.