yoyo companies

which good yoyo companies have gone down? and why? if you guys happen to know

AnY-yo? not sure about this one. Does anybody know?

I believe spyy ended so that the owner could focus on other things. If you follow the spyy instagram, he is always posting things about making jeans.

A few that come to mind are Madhouse, RecRev, Death by Yoyo, Playmaxx, and there’s a ton more. It’s for a variety of reasons. Poor business, lack of creativity, lack of drive, it depends specifically on each company.

I don’t follow it but I just looked at it and all I saw was one post about repaired denim. Bear in mind I’ve never used Instagram and I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’d be interested in seeing his work if he’s making jeans.

I believe that would be Anti_Yo.

Yeah it’s pretty interesting

Nah, AnY was a company. Actually released a yoyo with hubstacks before yyf.

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Kiya Babzani (one of the founders of Anti-Yo) also owns his own Jean/Denim company now.