yoyo companies in PA or NJ?


just wondering if there are any yoyo companies in PA or NJ. thinkin prepro yoyos if there are


i know there is one in delaware …


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thanks, but i ment yoyo brands like yyf or clyw, etc. not yoyo stores.


… LMFAO my bad

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I wish! I live in New Jersey but pretty close to NYC. I was kind of expecting there to be some pimpin’ yoyo store somewhere in the city (kind of like a Nintendo World) but alas…there is not.

I believe the YYN headquarters are based in Manhattan…but you can’t actually walk in there and buy anything. Sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:


well maybe when i get some more money, knowledge of yoyo design, and knowledge of virtual 3D model design I could start my own company. Then I would be the first 12 year old to start a yoyo company!