PA Yoyo Shops???

I was wondering if anyone knows where i could find a shop in PA. I live in Erie so if there are any in Ohio or New York that would work. I live by a yoyo shop but they dont carry CLYW and i wanted to try one out. All help is greatly appreciated. :wink:

Dont quote me on this but I think you can only get CLYW through online retailers if your in the US

hmmm. I think the cleveland yoyo club carries some FG stuff, check with them before you go though. If you go to a club meet im sure others wouldnt mind letting you try their stuff out.

What store in near you in Erie? I live in Lancaster, the closest shop to me is YoyoJoes, but that’s like a 2 hour drive for me. It’s located in Delaware I believe.

Ok thanks ill look into the Cleveland shop. :wink:

We (Cleveland Yo-Yo Club) are currently out of CLYW product at this time. But we would love to have you come to one of our club meets! We usually have several members who attend that have a few CLYW products that you could try out. Then after you find something you like, you could purchase one through YoYoExpert!

For more info on the Cleveland Yo-Yo Club visit

Great i will def come next time im in Cleveland. My parents are actually there now so im kickn myself right now haha. :wink:

Oh I’m in Philly, that should be right next door. Although I’ve never knew such store existed.

The yoyosam shop is right in fairview, in Erie PA.

They have meets pretty often, usually on Saturdays I believe. You can look up their website via google. I’ve never made it down there or went to one of their meets but Im pretty sure they have good turn outs. Obviously they won’t carry super high grade brand yoyos for sale at their shop, but the will have yoyo factory, yoyo jam, and I’m sure a few other brands :smiley:

Where in Philly? I live up the NE.

Yoyojoe’s is in Wilmington. Never been there, but been planning to go for awhile now.

You’re all lucky, you actually have yoyo shops near you.

yea, i can’t wait to goto YoYoJoe’s. only a few more months until i’m done working the weekends :smiley:

I’m also in the north east area, Olney to be exact. Unless you consider that just north Philly and not north east.