yoyo combo (i forget)


I have been working on this combo for weeks, and still have a few things to tweak.  but here is a “mostly” finished and polished product.  this is my first full combo I have ever made so any advice would be greatly appreciated and well received.  on a side note this is also my first post on the forum as well.


Dang did you smooth that out!


Really awesome combo! And welcome to the forums!


@ccbstickman, yeah i did, like i said, it was just a rough “sketch” of the combo, i will upload a smooth and clean version soon


That was great! Keep it up!


Would be happy to see it!


That was very nice! When I was at that skill level, I would have never been able to create a combo. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!


thanks for all of the positive feedback. i have been busy with work, and i have been distracted by my new found love for kendama. when these two distractions fade i will upload the final product. i hope to have it here within a week or so.