new trick i made up

i made a new trick/combo over the weekend i thought i would share with you guys this is practically my first halfway decent trick i came up with so i thought i would share with you guys!  ;D that and i also thought i would start documenting stuff like this.

There was some cool stuff in there. I’d say practice it more and get it smoother. I think it would look really good then.

It’s so weird watching lefties… good trick. Like the above said smooth it out.

Looks good! And as the other 2 have said, it’ll look a billion times better a bit smoother.

Yeah still working out that part of the idea but most of is getting fairly smooth.

Very nice Abby. Looksxlike fun.

Very cool looking. Good job man!

thanks?? You know I’m not a “man” right? :wink: