Yoyo/colorway identification thread.

This thread is to help you identify any random colorway you couldn’t figure out, or a yoyo you don’t know what it is.

So this is the yoyo that got me back into throwing. A friend of mine gave it to me to get my foot back in the door. Of course it doesn’t play well and falls apart within a couple throws but would still love to know what this is.

I don’t remember what it’s called, but I got one in a gift shop for like $15.

Sharper Image Metal Speed Yoyo

Ha! Really? Never would have guessed sharper image. Didn’t really get me far. Thanks for the replies

Yea, those are one of those funky steel yoyos I believe, had seen them on Ebay. Almost got one for my first metal but really glad I didn’t as I would have outgrew it fast and I already was looking for something unresponsive and stable so I can learn intermediate tricks. Similar construction to those metals you can buy at the Dollar Tree.

Yeah. Never really got any use. A buddy of mine I met from work was throwing one day and kinda brought me back to my childhood. I tried his yoyo out but didn’t know about binding so I gave up. A couple weeks later and he said, “a friend gave this to me. If you can fix it its yours.” I took it. Tried to play it and fix it but no dice. It got me as far as getting to a double or nothing but lost speed to get it back to my hand. Was really excited to throw again so I bought a too hot. Thanks to him and this yoyo.