Yoyo collection for sale <2007


Hi all, at one point before I was married I thought I would become an amazing yoyo-ist and take over the world. I didn’t. I’m now selling what I have minus my mini C U which I will love forever. I’m new on here but totally a real person. Have perfect ebay rating under the same username.

All yoyos will come with multiple strings as I have a whole lot of it. Prices include shipping with tracking. Will take offers as I really do not know what these are worth anymore. Will sell as a lot if I can.

I also havent kept up with the times so forgive me if i omit information you consider important. All the bearings spin well as far as I can tell.

  1. yoyofactory 888 silver - each half has one spot on it I banged the ground once but otherwise nearly never used -inside silicone rings look new, bearing and hub caps spin great.

  2. Envy Hspin green/gray - SOLD

  3. Radian MK2 blue - I have one left, one sold. one spot of wear on each half, as picutred.

  4. Yoyofactory G5 gray - has one tiny spot of wear on it on one side, otherwise perfect and bearing spins for days

  5. yoyojam Sunset Trajectory NXG - SOLD

Let me know if theres anything else you need to know.


Some more pics




Yoyo, how much for a pair of Sunsets? And what colors do you have? I see purple and green only, anything else? :slight_smile: thanks!


6 of the in-box trajectories (yes only green and purple) are pending sale.

I have 2 ‘used’ but perfectly fine shape purple left, $14 shipped with extra strings for both


Inventory updated - if you’re interested please just submit an offer, ill either counter or tell you im good with it. Please be ready to purchase right away, not in 2 months.




I believe this is the G5 and not the G5+

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