Yoyo case

I’m looking for a good yoyo case that holds at least 7 yoyos. Can someone recommend me a good case and where to get it?


This is a great case. Holds 12 yoyos and accesories for a really good price. I use it.

That is AMAZING!! and it’s only 12.99! Thanks man.

haha I got 4 of those!

Erm… what does it mean when it could hold 24 yoyos double stacked? And does anyone know its dimensions?

Its like 12"X7’’ or so and about 4" thick when you have your yo’s double stacked. I love all 4 of mine. Its my favorite case.

What happens during double stack? You said 4 inches “When” it’s double stacked… so does double stack enlarge it? I thought it was just deeper and bigger holes…

nice case thnx

It means it’s thicker so you can put 2 yoyos in one hole.


Lol very mature hahahaha

Hey, the joke was RIGHT THERE

but still… Next time, keep it to your self…

Sorry sir