Yoyo case w/ onedrop mmc, parley, static thall bi metal, yeti 2, side effect lot

I have these listed on ebay
6 slot yo-yo case with accessory slot. includes 4 yoyos and 8 side effects
one drop markmont classic (used, no dings)
one drop/static parley limited colorway (used, no dings)
Static thall bi-metal yoyo rare (used, no dings)
b grade fools gold yeti 2 (used cracked hub (reason it is b grade) works great still, no dings.
Also includes the followine eight one drop side effects (two installed in yoyos):
Ultra light, aluminum MM, Brass MM, Brass flat, aluminum flat, spike, energy, code 1.


1 day 2 hrs left

I’ll give $100

I bid $100.00 +$1.00=$101.00
Final bid???

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