yoyo brand

what is your favorite brand? finally, something to hopefully prove this. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Or Hspin, or BC, or Tom Kuhn or Spintastics or… :wink:

why do people think that when they make a thread like this it will prove anything? This is about 10% of all the yoyo brands.

Mine is Yoyorecreation. dont see it up there.

sorry, i only put major brands

H-spin is bigger then dream-yo.

YYR is pretty huge. aoda and auldey aren’t even up there. you missed a lot.
If you want to make a thread like this, you have to list pretty much ever brand.

That said, I don’t really have a favourite. My top 3 would be Werrd, ilyy, and crucial.


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You didnt have any of my favs! Its irritatingwhen people say your favorite and then only do five choices

I had to choose YYF and YYJ because those are the only types of yoyos I have at the moment. Butin a couple weeks I’m ordering a Regulus by Jazz-Yo

This is a good start, unfortunately it won’t go anywhere.

We’ve had way too many of these threads and they go nowhere fast.