What is your favorite yoyo brand?poll

[shadow=red,left]What is your favoriteyoyo brand?[/shadow]
EDIT: there i added a buck of rendom brands, most ppl probably dont know someof them but whatever ::). lol

U forgot a ton man!
My favorite is hspin/ sOMETHING

U also forgot recrev

Just though i should tell u :wink:

Haha I know, but it would be really hard to choose one if I had 30 different brands… Lol

voted TP

but i think the best brand is YoYo Apartment… just blown out by each release they did

You also forgot YYR :wink: I’ll just have to pick my favourite from the ones listed then.


ohh yeah, i Also was going to put ten yoyo, yoyo skeel,spin dynamics,dream yo,anti-yo,eternal throw,yoyo joker,monkey finger,string theory,dif-e-yo,radioactive,roo-yo,Oxygéne ,alchemy,buzzon… i cant think of more ??? whatever, its good enough :wink: