Yoyo bearing stuck... on YYF yoyo tool

After having my yoyo started making clicking sounds, i found out its probably time to take out the bearing. I was so exited to finally us my yoyo tool. after a lot of screaming i got it off. but now its stuck on my tool… got the plyers out and lubed the inside and now i can not get it off the tool. Any ideas?

take a cloth cover the bearing with the cloth and tap it lightly with a hammer. if it doesnt come of run around the room scream your head of throw a cat out the top story window and try again. if it still persists to stay get a bigger hammer. if it is still stuck your a lost cause.

Okay after some light- to mid light hammering i cant seems to get it to budge… anything else…

only thing left to do is throw a cat out a window in hope to appease the gods.

on the other hand try using some grease on the tool and try hammering after that this time hammer around the edges of the bearing in a circular pattern to see if you can get the edges to move.

EH, im hammering kinda hard now just to get my tool back, its not budging lol , idont own grease lol

wow man you really got that puppy on tight i have no clue now.

UGH this is really frustrating. Bumping for desperation.

Ummm, did you look here: Bearing stuck… in bearing removal tool

Use a vice, a small punch and a hammer - lightly…

This happened to me a few days ago and I was able to get it off with a pair of pliers and a lot of firm wiggling. Took some serious elbow grease though, so be patient with it.

Jhb’s method seems pretty solid though if you can’t get it off through sheer brute force alone. :slight_smile: